Who Are We?

One of our main objectives   is to promote and manage the business of Dailygurus in all the emerging markets of the India and to source fresh Fruits, Vegetables and greens direct from farms and supply them at the door steps of housing complexes.


What is the Need?

The population growth in the urban cities are increasing by leaps and bounds Multi storied building complexes are springing up everywhere .The nuclear families where both the husband and wife go to work they hardly get time to do the shopping for their groceries and daily need for Fruits and Vegetables or Greens .While some large complexes do provide space for grocery shops such shops do not have the complete gamut of different products.  Fruits and Vegetables can be stocked for an week but  some food items such as  farm produce such a Greens do not have shelf life for more than a couple of days.

How this need  being fulfilled?

To serve this need several e-commerce companies have started supplying groceries and farm produce against online orders But their supply timings are not generally suitable for working people. If they have to go out for shopping in the week ends they have to drive long distances to the market in the week end traffic, find parking which is not available (as shopping complexes have no parking or less than adequate parking) jostle with the crowds at the shops, wait in long queues for payment et, al.,

What Is Our Business Model?

We intend providing farm fresh produce direct from the farms to your door steps .You can avoid travelling and all the hassles as obtained in the current practices. You can pre orders we have  e-commerce enabled thus allowing you to order online through your computer or smart phones that is fulfilled on a daily basis Depending on the number of apartments we provide these services on a weekend / every three days once / alternate days or even daily so that all are served fully with fresh produce. We provide options for payment for the purchases by cash, credit or debit cards or private electronic purses or Bank operated digital payments. We bring you our services at your door step.

Why are we a better choice?

We bring farm fresh produce every day our overheads are lower than a normal shop and therefore final selling costs are lower than the market prices. We serve you at your door steps thus eliminating your need to drive to a shop after a hectic day, We provide you a door step facility so that you can  order through your computer or smart phone that will be delivered the next day at your convenient time slot.

Contact Us
Phone - 87544-18828
Email- dailygurus2019@gmail.com
Address - N0. 17, Rajaji street,
1st cross street, Santhanammal Nagar, Gowiwakkam
Chennai 600073

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